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from: Dominik Rook <>
to: Alistair Frith <>
subject: Typ 2s


I understand you have no plans to renew the program of blood distribution to registered T2s that I was forced to wrap up last month. This is a grave mistake. There is no such thing as a safe vampire but it is my belief that distribution is the best way to control the vast majority of the "cooperative" Type 2 population.

I have monitored a number of "dry" T2s over the course of my career and let me assure you that they are a far cry from benign; every day without blood simply brings them a day closer to their inevitablte meltdown. A meltdown that will be all the more catastrophic for the dry spell that came before it.

Take the T2 at the heart of Case #DK307, dubbed "the gentleman" by one of my former deputies. Not only had this vampire been clean for decades; he also helped numerous other T2s lead relatively normal, non-violent lives. However, one night this apparently civilised creature snapped without warning and slaughtered his human lover - a man he had lived with peacefully for many years. "The gentleman" then faked his own suicide and disappeared from the morgue of St Jude's Hospital in Bristol before we could apprehend him. Making a mockery of human bureaucracy, he then used forged papers to flee the UK on a merchant ship. God knows how many souls were taken by this newly bloodthirsty T2 on the long voyage to Brazil.

My counterparts in that country inform me that "the gentleman" is now, once again, living a dry existence. But how long can it last? A year ago he reportedly entered into a new relationship, this time with a Type 3, and the unlikly pair lived together in a remote rural area. However, recent reports suggest that "the gentleman" and his partner have plans to make a permanent move back to the UK. I wonder, who will be here in my place, waiting at the docks for them to arrive? Will you simply send in Special Branch, guns blazing, and damn the inevitable public scandal? What of the diplomatic implications? Werewolves are accorded far greater rights in Brazil than they are here; you will not get away with simply exterminating "diseased and dangerous livestock" - is that how you once put it?

More importantly Alistair, who will monitor all the other "safe" vampires of the UK once I'm gone? Who will clean up after their inevitable meltdowns? Need I remind you what happened when I wasn't granted immediate command in the wake of the Bristol train massacre? The story still hasn't left the newspapers. I have to shut down a new Box Tunnel 20 conspiracy website every other day.

You have less than two weeks, Alistair. Less than two weeks to reconsider.


Veröffentlichung: Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013 - Being Human Blog

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